Mega Truck Hammerhead

August 6, 2013    

Spiker 1

Name: Keith Spiker

Age: 35 Years old

Type of mega-truck: Custom chassis

Name of megatruck: Hammerhead

Sponsors: Spiker’s Tires and Wheels, Central Florida Machine and Speed, Plan B Truck Parts, Styners Fab Works and Heims, Up to the Hub , Robert Vernadoe’s Welding & Fab, Gene Kerr, Mack Meadows, Second to None barber, Baha Cleaners and Sti Racing Converters and transmissions.

Specs: Motor – 540 cubic inch with 871 High Helix Blower, Suspension – C & C shocks by Chop Fab, tires – 12.4×24 high traction R1, transmission – 2 speed Powerglide by FTI, Axles – 2 ½ ton Toploader , transfer case: Profab transfer



MT: How long have you been racing?

Spiker: 6 years of truck racing

MT: Whats your favorite type of racing?

Spiker: I like the Obstacle course

MT: Where is your favorite place to race?

Spiker: Bubba’s Mud Ranch in Auborndale, FL

MT: When did you decide you wanted to race mega-trucks?

Spiker: When regular truck racing turned into mud racing. Had to move with the times.

MT: What’s your most memorable race?

Spiker: That was when I went up to Georgia and hit 4 different races and won all 4. That was probably most fun and best weekend of racing ever.

Spiker 3

MT: Who do you accredit your sucess to?


Spiker:  Without my son Case, my parents Mike, who is a former monster truck driver, and Sandy Spiker, my neice Alexis and fellow mega truck racers Opie and Ross Francisco I wouldn’t be where I am. I love you guys!”


MT: Your dad was a Monster Truck driver?


Spiker:  yes ma’am


MT:  What was that like for you growing up?


Spiker: It was great. Nothing like watching your dad go out there and crush cars. How many kids get to out to go out there and travel to Paris, Italy and all over the united state and canada? It was great


MT: Back to racing, How often do you race?

Spiker: I try to race every weekend and ill hit as many as i can. Next weekend I am hitting 2 races in 1 day.


MT: I know you’ve rolled and totalled a few of your “Hammerhead” trucks, how many were there?

Spiker: I’ve had 5 but my first one, an Orange and White chevy, was by far my favorite to race.

MT: What inspires you?


Spiker: The kids, to get to see their face smile and their excitement. The fans of course. I take the extra min to go out of my way to go see all my fans. Let them know they are all important to me and the sport.


MT: What are your goals for the future?

Spiker: I want more tire shops, I want my son to grow up to be a doctor, which he will, I want to be the best dad in the world. As far as racing, i’d love to see it all over the country. I’d like to travel all over the country and race. That would be fun.

Photography by:

Written by Tasha Moreau

Tasha Moreau (TDT)
Thinkin Dirty Thoughts Facebook Page.













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hell of ride!

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cool stuff

You filled this out wrong.
You filled this out wrong.
You filled this out wrong.
You filled this out wrong.